Up In Flames Lyrics

I don't wanna say what I got on my mind
'Cause nothing tonight wants to come out on time
The truth is I'd rather sit out and unwind
Let somebody else tell their story this time
I wonder what happened to give me the right
To step on a platform and pick up a mic
And tell you the way to be living your life
'Cause all my credentials are lies
You've had your say
Now take your seat
I know my place
You don't know me
I'll probably end up in flames before the end of the night
Watch me burn in the fire, watch me bid you goodbye
Your words fall right off the page like they fall on deaf ears
You know that it's over, nothing left for you here

I waited too long letting people like you
Tell me what they want and what I shouldn't do
So mark me with words but you can't tie my hands
There's nothing I'll say to make you understand
I know who I am, I know where I'll end up
In flames and that's fine 'cause I'm finally fed up
Stick with what I started, don't care how it hurts
The loudest get shot at the worst
You know I'll never fold like you're the authority
I won't throw my hands up like you're the authority
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