Pieces Lyrics

You're not running just enough of a wreck
To hold the hurt heart everybody expects
And I know you wrote a history of making a mess
Misunderstood's an understatement at best
How long, how long will you demand my sympathy
We all know hurt so why do you feel the need to

Put on a pretty face, give them a pretty taste
No one's buying it anyway

You're so tired trying to rewind the mess you've made of your own mind
But the pieces won't pick up themselves you know
You can fight just like you've been taught, it won't undo the life you've got
'Cause the pieces won't pick up themselves you know
You say you try, you're after something better
It doesn't show, you're still not put together

Everybody knows liars never make it for long
I am getting close I can see just what's going on
Everybody knows, everybody knows
I remember what you were before you gave it away
You've never been the type to watch the pieces fall where they may
And now you've let it go
But I know you know
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