Part 3: Thrown To Belial Lyrics

Is all I can see, In this land of immolation infected with insanity
Death bringer come forth, Inject me with necrosis so I see "the beyond"
Already deformed, Scarred with my attempts to finish me off
Suicidal by default, hope was skinned alive and thrown with in my vault.
This journery evolves, into the unknown
The darkest plane, that inhabits an evil
It selects a man, to marytr our sin
He who the lurks the earth, Will feed this evil

When the last grain of sand falls in the hour glass.

Torture my thoughts, Indulge in lonliless
Drown me in the blood of my hopelessness
I am nothing more, I am nothing less
Than a corpse reeking of pestillence
Forever trapped inside, This pathetic life
Screaming to the sky, "When will I die?"
Hopeless and brave, I won't be saved
The kiss of death, Is what I crave

So the voices inside my head, whisper of my gruesome death
The disease inside, keeping me alive

I will never be free, Imprisoned within insanity;
Within this hole
My immortal soul.
Heading into the void, Venturing through the black
From my mind I escape, Seperating my head
Searching for escape; Ascension from this place
Death holds my life, Death holds my fate

A bleak plead to die, Is all I've become
Cut through the seams, Reality's a dream.

I call upon death himself
Escort me to the depths.

So this concludes, With my soul in servitude
You've read this through, But you never may know this could be you.
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