Part 2: The Loneliest Soul Lyrics

The Poison coursing through my wounded veins
The serpents tongue, corrupting my brain
Into the lair, I lose my mind
The serpents voice, creeping up my spine
"No life, no death, to purgatory you will descend."
Whispers from behind, breaking my mind
a distant voice, a hopeful sign.
A voice, ascends from the depths
Whispers of ineffectual life, whispers of ineffectual death.

Within the mists, a withered shell of a dying man exists
His faded voice, his last breathe of humanity
Calling, my name, revealing his identity
Hope speaks my fate, tongues beyond misery.

Condemned to rot, The reject of Humanity, a slave to mortality.
We suffer alone, on a desolate earth, where the bodies burn: The stench of this purge.
So the world will beg for my, soul to be crucified
Depressed in this vivid life, l****** over suicide

The noose slithers around my neck, the impending jump
Induces death.

Neck hanging, bones snapping, still alive in this life worth taking
one last try to remove my empathetic life, slit my throat with the rusted blade of a butchers knife.
(super fast)
My wounds are healing at the instant of their opening
hanging from a rope, destined to choke, rejected from dying
I can feel death watching, laughing at my frailty
Body soaked in blood this is the pain of my reality.

The world begs for my death
suicidal thoughts crowd my head.

Hanging from a rope, crying as I choke
blood fills my lungs with misery,
gasping for the air that I cannot breathe

the pain,
I won't,
be saved.
From the noose I hang, praying to die.

Can't breathe, all i feel is numb.
Solitude at the barrel of a gun.
Nothing left to lose,
Only death to choose.

Cut the rope, running further into the brave,
spewing blood, spitting on my own f****** grave
Lucid mind, do I dare enter this old cave?

Specify, does this door, enter a new life?
Do I die, or is false hope apart of my..
Weakness, persists, to c**l, my breathe, to cloud my head.
The choice between, the black abyss, the mouth of death.
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