A Lifetime Lyrics

Every single morning before I wake up lonely
I feel you here beside me but I know it's only
a fading shadow, an illusion
every little thing reminds me of you
every shining colour has a shade of you in it
I was blind but now I see it
If I could only have a day
in the shelter of your arms
or just an hour, I would pay
any price to be where you are
and if it got down to a minute
that'd be precious time
'cause a second's all I need to tell you
losing you is gonna take a life time for me
Every other night I still dream about you
every song I hear has a sound of you in it
and I can't believe that it's over
there were many things that I should have told you
and there were many times when I could have done so
but I know baby that it's too late

If I could only rearrange the hands of time
I'd make it up to you, I'd make you change your mind

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