24 Hours Lyrics

I take a deep breath and unload every thought
Everything I've ever known anything I was taught
When I think I'm on a roll I have to slow down
Cuz my words get ahead of myself I know how
To make you feel how I feel my words are so vivid
See how I live it all I got to give is
My pain my stress one blade and one knife
Ends with one slice my name and my life
All rests with my sons so they can do better
I need to be here so we can be together
But life is so hard seeing through these eyes
A world with no heart believing these lies
Can you be strong before your times up
Looking to find what you've made your mind up
There has to be a change so my seeds can reach
Anything they can grasp anything to teach

I got 24 hours to live my whole fate
All I have left in my heart is one take
One breath one sigh one death and one try
One more reason to ask God why?
It's my life it ends when I say
So until my time is up on that day
I'll do what I gotta do live how I wanna live
Be who I wanna be prove what I gotta prove
Verse 2
It's not so funny how we live each day
Wake up go to work come home in replay
We say we love life inside it's untrue
Unless you got dollars aside it's not you
I used to wake up call in or just quit
Cuz I couldn't stand a boss in my face for dumb s***
You know what I mean that boss with no life
No sense no friends no kids and no wife
Career motivated on an hourly wage
Me well see I'm on a whole other page
I gotta make money man f*** I got kids
Whose father and uncles in time have done bids
Iced out homies only preserve thugs
To get what's deserved or they deserve slugs
If murder was the case that they gave me
Dear God I wonder can you save me

Verse 3
What if in one blink you could end all the pressure
Built up inside no one bares to measure
To pain to hide inside with no stress
No tears to be cried outside and no less
Make it all wash away with one scream
One shot one bullet one love and one dream
Gone to a place where mouths never speak
But thoughts convey words peep the technique
My time is coming watch me when I shine
I strive for something watch me when I rhyme
Thoughts race through my head like track stars
A hudred miles an hour inside like fast cars
I can't slow down if I do it's all gone
Everything I've done up 'til now and this song
Ends right here my life and no fear
My fight and my struggle to die with no tears

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