Pinch & Roll Lyrics

So you think I've come alive, got my head out on the outside.
Yeah, I've worn you like a brick, yeah, now I'm sick.
I move in time, I hear your face, it's all over the place.
And everything I sing and do, f*** you.
I hear you've got a brand new beau, I hear he's lovely, white as snow.
He moves in time, he moves real nice,
I swear to God that's my advice,
it really makes the world unstick, yeah.
Mama taught me how to dance and pray, and I said okay.
Then, you made me feel like I was dead, maybe it's just in my head.
If I could live I'd be the one, I would live and toll on,
yeah I would never kiss your a**, I don't know where it's at.
The complete derelicts in my life, I'm being really nice.
I've gone blind, I'm loosing teeth,
I can't believe I'm a dirty old man
who p***** on himself punching at a clock,
screaming at the world I've healed.
Yeah I've healed.
Yeah I've healed.
Yeah, healed.
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