The Very Old Man Lyrics

electrified and lit up by an outline of herself
smiling now as only she can be.
she said I made some new connections to astound them all
in ways we've never dreamed about
her lovely hand is glowing from the light inside itself
from soaking in the esters stacked for miles on a single shelf
holding my eyes still so she can see
if all the superundercover custom hybrids got to me
it's too much
you're too late
I want to see it all again
she says eep this benzene ring around your finger
and think of me when everything you wanted starts to end
and I saw living clusters form in pools beneath her feet
invertebrates that only she can see
and I said what on earth are all these ampuls for
she says exactly, we're not gunna wait around here anymore
systems back down slow, watch the dust cloud resend
and I will keep you. I will keep you till the end
set your head down low, watch my ears ring
It's eerie and it's awesome,
How connected two pods scattered on the surface can become,
Lazy into one.
He knows lightning kills the other,
She can't stand to watch his petals fall,
It's better when cascades become like us all.
Afternoon a golden disengagement leaves a woman,
With a household left to fill.
Sit, and be still, send the voltage cross his ticker,
Watch the stars they start to flicker, and one by one levels

Another drink my love, and make it tall enough
So I can stand on it and see, all you've done for me.
A world of curves and lines electric,
Remember how you strung the colored lights, from Christmas tree
to me?
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