Twisted Heart Lyrics

Sometimes we never stop talking
Sometimes we never start
I see a door I start walking
I'm better alone than apart
That's what my twisted heart tells me
It tells me how to hear and see
Compels the worst result to be
I wish I could tear it from me
But then my twisted heart turns round
And looks for pieces on the ground
Though now the silence is profound
It's mine to keep
I've never been wrong when I'm winning
Cause losing's just not in the frame
You made some kind of resistance
Yet surely you entered my game

…But then my twisted heart turns twice
And cools these fires into ice
Though now I have to pay the price
Of every brutal deed
Nothing ever got too crazy
Nothing ever got too cruel
Nothing ever comes from nothing, my dear
Too easy for me to be playing the fool to you

But then my twisted heart unfurls
And shows the ruins of my world
A kingdom black and burned and curled
And mine to keep
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