Plan B Lyrics

Maybe we'll build us a palace like the man proposed
Maybe the markets will tremble favourably
Surely they got back to us while we were indisposed
In any case, babe, we're down to Plan B
Maybe our great revolution needs a little spark
Maybe I do laugh unnecessarily
Surely this e-mail will be a candle in the dark
In any case babe we're down to Plan B
Could it be more than a partnership can bear now?
What kind of people can live under this strain?
Make it the best that we can and give it prayer now
Something will break through the barriers we face

Maybe the future is brighter than the record shows
Maybe it's time that you missed one month for me
Surely the highs won't be fun if we don't hit the lows
In any case babe we're down to Plan B

Maybe we're lost, maybe found
The only way's up from the ground
In any case babe we're down to Plan B
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