Product Lyrics

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]
Eight, for them O's and a dollar for them b****
Eight throwin stove and some water in a pot
Wait until it's cold then watch it harden on the spot
Straight out the do' and put that product on the block,
[Verse One]
I'm fin' to bounce back, up out this 20 flat
We got cook up, we got powder, n**** you want that?
I got a fish scale, I burn that white back
Don't need a glass man, I bring that blast back
n***** cain't wait 'til I hit the hood and cook it
If you wanna learn f*** n**** start lookin
I knock 'em out solid, shot in a circle
Sell a quarter brick then I cop a ounce of purple
Then the O's for..

[Verse Two]
We got eight for the O's and a dollar for them b****
Soon as I finish my ball might hit the mall
Got stacks on deck and they ten feet tall
(Oh you moochin a** n*****?) Man y'all money too small
Pyrex check, baking soda check
Then you put that fish scale in that water next
Twelve by twelves, n**** hit your front steps
Serve e'ry f***** fiend 'til there's nothin left

[Gucci Mane]
I charge eight for the O's, seventeen for a thirty-six
Nine for a half, fifty-five for a quarter brick
Traphouse, crackhouse, slab a jacker back out
n**** want some beef then I have to bring the Mack out
Drug deals; eight dollars for the X pill
Put a big bullet hole where you chest is
Never broke but I hope that the boat with the dope
don't sink just float as I sell plenty c**e
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