Bling Bling Lyrics

Gucci mane in the buildng (gucci gucci)
Laflare entertainment (laflare)
Zaythoven on the track (z-t)
That n**** des in the building (that boy des)
Badboy in this m****@#@$
Big cat in this m****@#@$
laflare in this m****@#@$ (done by gucci)
I got your budget on my neck
Your deal on my wrist
Your whole entire lifesavings on my pinkie [email protected]@!
Bling bling bling bling
(bling bling bling bling)
Bling bling bling bling
(bling bling bling bling) (x2)
See I'm smoking on sum bubba kush, come from california
funky like your daddy feet is stanking like a bone ya
Now I got this plug with this bit in Arizona
When I touch atlanta they gonna tell my telephoner
Trap n*****, rap n*****, wish they could cone us
Icy coz I dish bails of marijuana
trappin has advanced from just standing on the corner
Violators haters would be turned to only doners
Chillin in the v.i sippin on coroner
Ima get sum head with this this b**** like it's vetrona
stop playing games girl coz I don't condone her
If you want some work don't come before like it's a zone-r
15 inches but my rims that's a grown-us
sucker for a minute now a n**** has to blow up
Check my mediance look at my spins that they goin on
Check my spins that they goin on

((Big tank rapping))
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Trap-A-Thon (2007)
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