Born to Feel Alive Lyrics

I find it hard
since you´ve been gone
in the shadows of the dawn
I keep holding on
How many times
do I think of what we had
that beloved day
that rests in the past

Imagining how it all could be
you´re walking on the crossroads right beside me
my thoughts rotate since the day you´ve passed away
wondering, where you may be

We´re born to feel alive
under gracious skies
recalling what you said
when you closed your eyes
We´re born to live and die
in the wonders of your time
so treasure every moment
and the love there is to find

Here in this moment
I feel you from afar
as i mourn and pray
standing by your grave
And it hurts
to conquer this grief
to have no remorse
stranding on new shores

What would i give to allow myself to dream
to look into the future, without agony
I see a meaning since the day you´ve passed away
still wondering, where you may be
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