The Balancing Act Lyrics

Now put your arms down low
And stretch your neck up high,
Like a tall giraffe with his head in the sky.
Then bend your body down
And put your arms back flat,
Just like a cuckoo bird or a super jet, yeah.

Now spread your legs out wide,
Pointing your hands up high.
Make a mountain like that
In the Balancing Act.

Now grab one leg behind you and stretch it so;
You do your best rendition of an archer's bow.

Now put your hands up skinny top,
Lets in tight.
Stand on your tippy toes, and you're an
arrow in flight.
Now sit like an easy chair,
Even though nothing's there
Put your hands in your lap
In the Balancing Act.

Now lay fact down,
Grab your feet, don't let go,
And you'll soon be doing the banana boat.
Now sit up,
Make yourself real small,
and you'll wind up lookin' like a circus ball. Yeah.

Put your arms and your legs our straight.
Wave goodbye 'cause we're running late.
It's been fun, hurry back
To the Balancing Act.
'Cause we all got the knack
For the Balancing Act.
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