Body Talk Lyrics

Get ready to warm up all the muscles in your
body, everyone.
All right! Let's get moving!
Move your eyebrows up and down.
Everybody move your nose . . . like a bunny.
Move your cheeks . . . like a frog.

Now move your mouth . . . like a fish.
Move your tongue . . . like a lizard
Move your chin from side to side.

Now move your head around and around slowly.
Now move your shoulders up and down, up
and down.
Now move your elbows; wiggle those elbows.

Move your hands; shake those hands.
Everybody move your fingers; make them wiggle.
Swing your arms; swing them around and around.
Move your chest - in and out. Keep going.
Now move your tummy; stick it way out.
Hold it in. Good work!
Now shake those hips;
Warm up those hips from side to side,
Move them around and around.
Move one leg. Swing it gently back and forth.
Now the other leg. Try to balance.
Swing it slowly. Good work!
Move your knees. Wiggle those knees.
Now move one foot. Shake it all around
Get ready to shake your other foot.
Move it all around. Shake it.

All right. Get ready now. Shake your whole body out.
Wiggle every part of you. Keep going!
And Stop!

Give yourselves a hand, everybody. You did a great job.
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