Open Arms Lyrics

Why can't we sit by the fireplace and play telepathy
I want to read your mind and see if you're thinking about me
It's been a while since I've sat down and expressed the way that I feel
But I'm about to crack cause it's too late and the pain is real
And it's too much to bare, and I'm so awfully scared
I need someone who feels me
I need someone who loves me

Why don't I stay a while with you?
We can confess what we've been through
To one another to each other
There's nothing I'll keep from you
Why don't you reach and grab my hand
I'll be the one who understands
You can count on me
I won't do you wrong
I'll be here with open arms
You can count on me
I'll be here with open arms
The way that you were talking it's
Telling me that you're so hurt (so hurt)
You're insinuations are screaming to me
That you're really hurt (so hurt)
I want to be your mechanic and fix everything that's wrong
For you to be crying and feeling so down baby that's so wrong
It's too much to bare,
You seem so awfully scared
You need someone who feels you
You need someone who loves you
We'll need no more
We'll have each other and love will endure
No pain just love
With you that's all I see and I think of
And for you I'll give my right and left arm
I'll forever be a man I won't do you wrong
Forever love you
That's no question
You're the one girl
I'm confessing

Oh yes I will yes I will
I'll be here with open arms.
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