Stingy Lyrics

Can I ave you for a minute don' be shy 'cause my hearts in it when I say,
"You got me stung out."
I don't know it I can't call it,
But whatever it is you got it nothing with out a doubt ( yeah).
Never been the one to play and I don' like to be needed
But now I guess that's all changed.
That's why I get mad at your phones 'cause I don't want you to go
(no babe I wan you to stay.)
You can say I'm trippin' but I'm stingy and I can't hide it. (I just want to keep you)
Gonna keep you on to me, I'm selfish wy try to fight it.
(baby I'm the only) your the only one with the only love as strong enough to claim me.
So please forgive me I'm just stingy but how can yo claim me?

Baby tell me how you do it 'cause you got me so into it.
I'm gone but I don't understand
So amazing, captivating and lavating in your way
You try to put it in your way you try t put it
I want to be your man! (so If you)
If you I don't mind its all fine I'm for it I would so adore it.
Nothing turns me on more than being with you!

Do what you want Anything Anything
(oh anything I'm all yours) You can do no wrong
Everything Everything.
No joking you got me right where you want me to be.
I jus hope you fill the same
Cause I don't wan nothing to change its is where I want to be.

So if you want to put me on I don't mind,
Its all right I'm for it I would so adore it,
Nothing turns me on better than being with you.
Baby I'm not tripping

[Chorus: x2]
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