She's My Rock Lyrics

You tell me how she was when you once knew her
She played her games with many, many men
You tell me that you don't think I'd be with her
If I could have known her back then
You ask me why I don't pack up and leave her
Now that I know her wicked ways
Well, I doubt that you could understand my thinking
But listen close to what I have to say
She?s the rock that I lean on
She?s the sunshine of my day
I don't care what you say about her
She took me in and made me everything I am today
She?s my rock and I ain't gonna throw her away
I know she wasn't always what she is now
She had to make mistakes like everybody else
And don't you point you finger at nobody
It?s plain to see you ain't no saint yourself

(Repeat chorus)
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Ladies' Choice (1984)