"Best Friends" Lyrics

I know you've been down just as far as a good man can go. And the hurtin's come easy but the healin's been slow. But you're on your way to recovery and you're not alone. 'Cause Nancy sure loves you and she's gonna take care of ol' Jones.

CHORUS (Both):
So cry on my shoulder and let's both get over the bad. Let's chalk it up to just one more bad memory we have. Friendship's the one thing that keeps love from driving us mad. So cry on my shoulder we're the Best Friends that we ever had.
I heard you left Haggard, i knew by the words in his song. And you're wondering if you're right sittin' at home all alone. But i know you still love him 'cause you're always there when he calls. And always remember that you're his favorite memory of all.
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