T.L.C. Lyrics

Hey, I'm sorry 'bout last night
I was wrong to start a fight
Now I feel so bad
I know you're mad
But, please love, hold me tight
'cause I need you
Tender loving care
is the only
Remedy when you're down
And you're lonely
Won't you give it to me
Tender loving care
and you know it
That's what I want
I beg you to show it
Won't you give it to me

I know I'm a fool
And I talk too loud
I drink and I smoke
Till I'm in a cloud
But I don't pretend
When I say I'm your friend
You're quiet and stern
As you potter about
Determined and grim
Like you're moving out
Don't leave me this way
Oh, how I want you to stay
'cause I need you
Tender loving care...

I know I'm no good
And I let you down
Every time I behave
Like a godamn clown
I know it's a shame
And I'm solely to blame
Your face is so pale
And your eyes resigned
I'm forever the fool
And forever blind
But I promise I'll change
Oh baby, don't look so strange
'cause I need you
Tender loving care...

Only you have seen my tears
You're the one who knows my fears
Please forgive me now
Remember how
I've loved you all these years
And I still do

Tender loving care...
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