I Am the Universe Lyrics

She treats herself to
A measure of delusion
She sees no harm in
A foolish dream
The world awash with
Disaster and confusion
Should she adjust to
The going scheme

She's got the gall
To carry no weight at all
She moves with ease
And instinctive grace

When she's alone
She's never quite on her own
She say to me
I am free
I am the moon
I am the earth
I am the sun
I am the universe
With every shining
Star in heaven
I'm at one
I am the universe

I drag my feet through
Her life with endless pity
You'll drive yourself
Till your brain explodes
She's got the guts
To disregard ifs and buts
She seems to
Tread on enchanted ground

She's like a stream
A river of light she seems
She says to me
I am free

I am the moon...
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