Elvis Said Ambition Is a Dream With a V8 Engine Lyrics

For so long I've been told
To give it up
To get a job and stop dreaming of what I'm dreaming of
Maybe if I was more like you
I'd have a single thing to say
I could look forward to
I'm not that same kid that I used to be
But I still got the same philosophy
If growing up is giving in
Then count on me to count myself out
Getting sued by my friends
Taught me that I can't pretend
That I'm immune to the rules of adult hood
I'd rather be a starving artist than a wealthy critic
I'd rather be a s***e cadet than bitter and jaded,
Brain dead and rewarded for it
Like everyone else my age is
I'm not the same kid
I'm not the same child
I may still be a p****
But at least I'm not a p**** in denial
I wake up late just to miss the whole day
In this putrid spew that I call my bedroom
Putting on clothes just to take them off
In a couple of hours, why the f*** do I bother
I want to ride this train and hope it never stops
This is all I have
It's all I want
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