Kiss Me, I'm Contagious Lyrics

I break hearts like the west was won
(They call me the rattlesnake)
Baby, I look like an outlaw
(Like an outlaw, baby)
Play poker all day at the saloon
(You cheating b******)
I'll get you in the saddle soon, oh yeah
We won't back down
(bang, bang, guns go bang)
From a fight
(bang, bang, guns go bang)
90 paces west
(bang, bang, guns go bang)
At noon we draw to, we draw to death
We draw to death
We draw to death
We draw to death
We draw to death, oh yeah
There was a man from way back west
(Desperado ain't got s*** on me)
He took 12 rounds straight to the chest
(That's two six-shooters to be exact)
At night this town remains awake
(For they keep their eyes wide open)
In terror of the rattlesnake

I b*** it, but I don't light it
(This town ain't big enough for the both of us)
I'll use the rope and I'll ride her
*(I'll rip that a**)
Two barrels and a whole lot of bang
And when I'm done with it,
This town will never be the same

Can I touch your legs?
Do I make you sweat?

[Note: 3rd line actually sounds like "I look like an outlaw",
but the CD cover says "I'm hung like an outlaw"

* In the remastered version of "Dear Diary..."
this line is "I'll ride her, yeah, and I'll ride her!"]
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