When I Want Lyrics

I got kush from California
I got bricks from Arizona
Hundred whips and they be foreign
Bad b**** from Taiwan
When I want
I'm blowing stacks
When I want
I hit the dealer
When I want
I blow it back
And I blow a mil
When I want
We popping bottles
When I want
Them b****** swallow
When I want
That coupe a mil
When I want
Them digits bottle

[Verse 1]
I just got a whole brick from Papi
About to hit the stove, get it popping
None of my n***** moving sloppy
I said, meet me on the ave, n****, copy?
b****, mind your business
Them foreign cars, we in 'em
That blood money, we spend it
It got my partner a life sentence
Got me smoking on that OG
That granddaddy my granddaddy
That purp and yellow like Kobe
All the drug dealers, they know me
I be rolling up with Snoop Dogg
On that drank with Kendrick
Ripping off my roof, dog
Juicy J, they trippin'
Whip it hard, 'til my wrist hurt
Got a hundred large on my wrist work

[Verse 2]
Them n***** crying all day
We popping bottles all day
You see them leave all day
Them b****** slide all day
We counting money all day
I'm talking mils all day
We popping bottles all day
That s*** for real all day
And I got white gold, got yellow gold
Got red gold on my neck
Now I got white hoes, got redbone
Got yellowbone on my d***
Now that paper rain ten k
And I ain't talking about ten karats
I been counting money 'bout ten days
My wrist and chains and houses
I done stuffed up that s*****x
I can't find my sneakers
Money six-five, my b**** high
And am I a weekend
Man, them n***** choked, that wind broke
And they beyond that hope
Hundred G's of that OG
When you talking 'bout that smoke
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