Marble Floors Lyrics

[Rick Ross Talking]
So I let the b**** hang out with me right
You know word got around I was f****** this n**** b****
So the n**** called me, he like "You f***** my b****"-
Im like im f***** her right now
[Hook:Rick Ross]
Got ya b**** tip-toein on my marble floors
Red bottoms only for the centerfolds
Big bodies I got 10 of those
Whippin' work it smellin like they dinner rolls

[Verse 1:French Montana]
Told that b**** take your shoes off, look dont even argue
Got your b**** tip-toeing on Italian Marble
They on that bad batch, too much pork around it
Shorty a** fat you gotta walk around it
Big body got 10 of those
Cars,cribs thats ? hoes
Nine piece thats dinner rolls
Wild freaks, that centerfold
Hunnid on my shine
You dont like it fine
Got ya b**** tip-toeing like Gregory Hines
Cashing out with that nina
Ten days you ain't seen her
She ask for it, I beat it
You greedy n**** you eat it
These ? n***** all on my d***
Princess Cuts all in my wrist
Hundred rounds all in my hip
200 grand all in my whip

[Verse 2:Lil Wayne]
Wet work, got the kitchen stanking
We call a undercover, a pig in the blanket
Uh,lifestyles of the rich and famous
Shoot you in ya head like Abraham Lincoln
Stuntin on them b****** like Birdman
Roll the weed in white sheets,Ku Klux Klan
Put it on the scale,watch it do numbers
Playin with them keys like Stevie Wonder
All my hoes pretty,all my n***** Brazy
We sell that white,sell that brown,call it rice and gravy
Call me Tunechi Lee or dont call me at all
Man f*** all you n*****,PAUSE

[Verse 3:2 Chainz]
2 Chainz, thats yo best answer
Cup filled with pink,im supporting breast cancer
I might do that walk for the 5k
I get paid every time I leave my driveway
Got yo girl tip-toeing on my marble floors
Sitting by the pool,jumping off the diving board
Getting to the money ima need a money counter
So many acres ,my neighbors stay in another county
Ted Dibiase in Versace loafers
All you talk is s*** n**** Halitosis, ghosts
I pulled up in that pale thang
Got a Chanel chain,on top of Chanel chain,on top of Chanel chain,on top of Chanel chain

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