Your Sweet Eyes Lyrics

Its so crazy living in this world
Separating the stone and pearl
Like we do in the every day
Turn our attention this way
To ride up on the thing you do
I just walk up straight to you
Tell you what you probably know
There's a light that always shows
Your Sweet Eyes

I can't turn back anymore
Opportunity at my front door
Showing me I should get this way
You don't get asked every day
Change your mind and you change
Your plans
Then your heart starts to understand
What you've got right next to you
Realize what's coming through
Your Sweet Eyes
All I got to do when I'm sad
I just think about the times we've had
And all my fears just drift into s***e
There's nothing that can erase
Your Sweet Eyes
There's a star in the northern sky
Captivating me as I walk by
Showing me what I can become
Leave behind what is lost or won
Something's different with me, can you see
The truth is starting to come out of me
As I think about the hope I feel
I leave behind the world for something real
Your Sweet Eyes...
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Bloom (2005)
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