Sunnaround You Lyrics

I think this world was made for you,
Because of the wondrous things you do;
I saw an empty name, turn to a brighter flame
That was the gift that you gave me,
It was your love that saved me.
Something so rare and tender, deserves complete surrender
I want to place the sun around you.
I don't think that I ever knew my heart
Since that first love, it fell apart.
Not knowing what to do, until that one was you
I kept anticipating, that kept my heart from breaking.
Now that I get to hold you
And say words I haven't told you
I want to place the sun around you.
Sometimes, people keep holding out
Until they are sure what it's all about.

So long the time, we've had to wait,
Cause there's no more need to hesitate
To start our life to be, I know I'll surely see
Every investigation, shows me the inspiration
That there just is no other, to learn of love together
So I place the sun around you
But not just my heart sways toward you
The whole wide world's made for you
That's why I place the sun around you
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Bloom (2005)
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