If Wishes Were Fishes Lyrics

I (E)wish I was home again at (A)home in my heart again
It's (E)been a long time since my heart talked to (B)me(E)
Wastin' my precious days (A)wishin' my life away
If (E)wishes were fishes we'd all cast (B)nets in the (E)sea
cho: And if (A)wishes were (B)fishes I (E)know where I'd (A)be(D)
Casting my net in the dark rolling (B)sea
And (A)if my net's (B)empty when it (E)comes back to (A)shore
I'll (E)throw it away and go fishing no (B)more.
And I wish I was young again my song still to be sung again
The sweet tunes of my life have gone sour and off key
Writin' my tired old rhymes tryin to turn back time
If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets in the sea

I wish I could care again reach out and share again
Mend whats been broken and let it run free
The older I get it seems the more wishin' takes the place of dreams
If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets in the sea

Copyright Eric Bogle
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