He's Nobody's Moggy Now Lyrics

Somebody's moggy by the side of the road
Somebody's p**** who forgot his highway code
Someone's favorite feline who ran clean out of luck
When he ran on to the road and tried to argue with a truck
Yesterday he purred and played in his p**** paradise
Decapitating tweety birds and masticating mice
Now he's just six pounds of raw mincemeat that don't smell very nice
He's nobody's moggy now.
All you who love your p**** be sure to keep him in
Don't let him argue with a truck, the truck is bound to win
And upon the busy road, don't let him play or frolic
If you do I'm warning you it could be CATastrophic
If he tries to play on the roadway, I'm afraid that will be that
There will be one last despairing MEOW! and a sort of squelchy splat
And your p**** will be slightly dead and very, very flat
He's nobody's moggy, just red and squashed and soggy
He's nobody's moggy now
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