The Spiral Manipulation Lyrics

Stepped in Into the final spiral
Reapeat The undesired experiments

The fear is in the immediate neighbor
Is it for the ones who survive?
In order to devise things which are not
required, I stop my motion Wipe out
and quash out from my memories

I spat out All that was correct
Ideals at the starting point
There the steps start to drag
You believe the unilateral force is
what everyone wait for
You test us
A halting trial leads to
misfortune and obligations
in the future to tell the hardships
Throat had slashed
Fingers seperated
Cling to the ground
and wait impatiently forever
Devil is about to be born

Which is the road you made and left
behind? You shall deprive all from me
Where is the heart you lost?
You are not allowed to take it back
You go get frightened on your blunders
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