The Light of My Footprints Lyrics

On this road I have tormented
as I came, I crouch carrying grudge
This foot passed away in comfort
deprived in all it has learned
Ahead of where I tumble I seize the light
I found. Whet it sharp and hide it in
the dark of tomorrow
The trails I stepped on were erased
with lies at once Give away
indiscriminately then lose heart
At the place you wait,
no one can stop anymore
All is now and you'll be frightened alone
Let it loose infinitely
What I expect had been manufactured
into a different shape
No need to suffer anymore
No need to suffere anymore
You don't need to cry
No need for grief
There is nothing you can do alone now

Mercy songs I kep screaming
I hold it and put it back to the ground
Sometimes I feel uncertain about living
Tell countless lies without leaving anything
Scrape the loneliness off as much as
I can while it's cloudy outside
Sins on my both hands,
punishment to my mind,
I taste fully and shoot them to the sky
I'm certainly powerless, I'm not worth and
I turn my back even on laughings
Authentic words filled up
in my hand are old now
Can't stop them
Nothing more to lose
I line up without breaking a line of era
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