Night in winter Lyrics

Refutation I shoot to
defend me all the way.
Your words float and flow.
They say they received them.
The mysteries of today tumbles down,
they should be announced.
Farewell for good,
believing the kindness tommorow.
Back to back with fear.
Reflect them in the tiny sky.
You behave against your look.
A lot of truths are here.
A long thought overflows only
from one man's mouth and ears.
The intentions are the screen
that starts with grief.
One step ahead to the time of nothingness.
Get permission from you whom I have outlived.
Scattered infinity collected in my hands.
Eyes opened for the last sensed sign.

Blessings. They are given.
To the world I turned my back.
The conversations can't heal.
The fate at the early stages.
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