Further ahead of warp Lyrics

Painted all and spit out
Stare at the air in the sound of rain
A song & sleep to unknown you
Reach out and doubt my lips
A crooked oath I write with my bare hand
I turn my eyes away and write solitude
Hold hands with a shapeless shadow
and it always sways us to crush.

The end of the day pops with the constant
wind and points its finger.
Erase all and swallow.
Cleanse my mind under the sound of wind.
Connect the line that cuts me dead.
Wait for the quiet and peaceful tomorrow.

Ahead of the absent life and the erased voice.
The secret of value goes freely.
The blank is colorless.
Hopes flash deep inside the opened eyes.
I refuse them.
Conveyed the beloved words and eyes
and the fading piece is sinking.
Run on the laid out road to a dead end.
Admit a lot, make the all clear sight
as my raison d'etre.
Nameless mind.
My feeling rides on the scene...
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