Little Lou Lyrics

Well she gets up in the morning
With the roosters and the hens
Get ready for school before the class begins
Oh little Lou, can I walk to school with you
The bells are ringin', if we are late what shall we do
Well if the teachers in the classroom ask us why we been
Late today, oh, it is late again
Oh little Lou, why did you make me hesitate
You know the teacher will say
There's no excuse for bein' late
Well the lunchbell's a-ringin' and it's time for us to eat
The dean keeps us shovin', all this steppin' on my feet
Oh little Lou, I'll save a place in line for you
Now that luch has passed, can I walk you back to class
Well the last class is over and I'm standing all alone
A football star walks my little Lou home
Oh little Lou, child this is more than I can bear
I'll try tomorrow, hope to hear you say you care
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