C'mon Everybody Lyrics

[00:01.75]Artist: Eddie Cochran
[00:05.81]t**le: C'mon Everybody
[00:15.94](E) Well C'mon Everybody And Let's Get Together Tonight
[00:21.50](E) I Got Some Money In My Jeans And I'm Really Gonna Spend It Right
[00:26.87]Been A- (A)Doing My Homework (B)All Week Long
[00:29.75]Now the (A)House Is Empty The (B)Folks Are Gone
[00:33.06](N;C;) Ooo C'mon Everybody (E) (A) (B) (A) (E)
[00:45.88]Well My Baby's Number One But I'm Gonna Dance With Three Or Four
[00:51.38]And The House'll Be Shaking From My Bare Feet Slapping The Floor
[00:57.13]When You Hear That Music You Can't Sit Still
[01:00.00]If Your Brother Won't Rock Then Your Sister Will
[01:03.44]Ooo C'mon Everybody
[01:15.88]Well We'll Really Have A Party But We Gotta Put A Guard Outside
[01:21.38]If The Folks come Home I'm Afraid They Gonna Have My Hide
[01:26.44]There'll Be No More Movies For A Week Or Two
[01:29.69]No More Running 'Round With The Usual Crew
[01:32.81]Who Cares C'mon Everybody
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