Nutz on Ya Chin Lyrics

One and in comes the two to the m****p***kin three then comes the Eazy
to the other f***** E playin n***** life like a puppet and can't dance but
could touch it so f*** it rappers want to dis I'm glad to see 'em cause I
rip your f***** face outta a magazine O.G. gangsta lean now after I s***
your face wipes that a** clean now time to get tipsy and don't want a b****
if she can't rub the b**** like a gypsy. Who's all in? Since you put yourself
on my d*** I put my nutz on ya chin...
m****p***k whatcha heard I'm more than that a real n**** from the hood
and I'm all that thick as a hicky a picky n**** fittin d***ies with b******
strictly d***-ly many sets I rolled on and killed squeals that told on my
homies they sold on don't ask Eazy s*** it's still a hit iz a hit and a b****
iz a b**** hangin on my nutz like a hair strand hangin there with n'ear heart
and n'ear plan a** out like a a****** runnin to my d*** with a rhyme and
a lasso again and again from beginning to end it's your nutz on my
You couldn't beat a minute of my a** if I gave you sixty seconds tick
tock s*** starts I start a steppin E to the m****p***kin A to the m****p***kin
Z here's the why here's the E here to stay after you when I'm through check
me and Rodney King f*** Tha Police part 2 now back to my friends nutz to
ya nose to ya lips to ya chin real n***** love us hussies never f*** us the
roughest ruckas fingers couldn't touch us Eazy E's back again f*** waitin'
for a payday get an A.K. everyday is a blast yeah blast a n**** fast knock
his a** get all the cash Who's all in? Since you put yourself on my d***
I put my nutz on ya chin...
"N.W.A. n***** With Attitudes, we're underground reporters we tell about,
you know, the streets and everything that goes on, you know, around in Compton,
our area, what's going around around us, we don't know what the f***'s going
around around by YOU, but frankly we don't give a f***, you know. Most kids
in Compton don't give a f*** who the mayor or the president is you know they're
not even interested in votin'. And the police, you know what I'm sayin?
I say f*** 'EM."
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