It's On Lyrics

Todays a good day to die! (lady screaming)
Bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yah
Suck on these nuts n**** suck on these nuts
I tell em bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yea
Suck on these nuts n**** suck on these nuts
Ain't nuthin but Eazy baby
He'll smoke two n***** cuz they crazy
Talk a gang of s*** but it dont phase me
That punk n**** Dre still pays me

Well if it's on m*********** then it's on G
Now if it's on m*********** than its on G
Hey Mister prankster prankster
Story book gangster
Back in 86 you wore pumps and masscara
Down did the m*********** wreckin crew bid
But once a b**** always a b****
And now the f***** switch
f** with a steathoscope now you sag
Body slammn b****** makes Dre a bigger man.
Cackies sportin loc's in a G ride
What set you from loc what set you from ride?
Rip Vanwinkle sleepin n**** woke up and became a G
But you still dont impress tha E-Z.
Smoke a little sherm now you call that s*** the chronic
n***** on the West side call it bionic
I make a mill here make a mill there
f*** a b**** here f*** a b**** there yeeeeah

[Chorus 2X]
[Scratched in] Tell ya m************ who your f***** with
[Eazy-E] Well if its on m*********** then its on
Old n**** Eazy-E went to the Cuppard
To get Snoop Doggy Dogg a bone m***********.
Another G or should I say a H, a I, a J, a K, a L-M-N-O-P
P for the p**** wussy wuffin n**** broke
As a m*********** joke
Talkin about you want to smoke tha E to tha A-Z-Y
n**** this EAST SIDE Snoop Doggy Doggy Dogg you wanna try
187 on the E that ya sing
But you cling on my b**** when I swing my ding-a-ling
Yeah you got more just like a pint of puppy water
First I'm gonna choke ya Then I smoke ya
Then I'm gonna toss ya in the back of my trunk
With the other punk
Smoking Death Row like I smoke a Phillie Blunt
Well if it's on m*********** than its on G
If it's on m*********** than it's on G

[Chorus 2X]
Still a n****,
Once a n****
Always a n****
Down from the get go
Never let go
Never flossin
Never slippin
Never trippin
Stickin d*** and my b**** down your throat doggy listen
n***** from the LBC
They never heard of ya G
and n***** from the CPT aint down with D-R-E
But ya gave it up,
Still like a trooper
Let 'em play ya jam shake ya hand and then they shoot ya
You can fool the people on the east coast an the mid-west
But In LA you still cant pass the test
See I can tell a p**** when I see one
Dre wearing lip stick that mean ya have to be one
You need to change your s** and your occupation
You try to f*** with E n**** Run Run Run
Cause if it's on m*********** then its on G
Now if its on m*********** then its on G

[Chorus 4X]
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