The Last Journey Home Lyrics

Strangers to reason, our bleeding hearts so cold,
Life brings a change it seems, fear will blind the soul,
In the silence one only will know,
Cast away can it fall on the wastelands.
Send the soul from the forgotten sickness, and save his life,
Challenge the dream before the long departing, your mind is right,
Hear the burning thunder roar,

Still lost in a fire storm,
Tonight we feel the past return.

Lost inside the dream, beside the life we'll live forever,
Still the wasted time that burning we love,
One thousand shattered voices, lost inside an endless wonder,
Tonight her voice will take me home.
Shine glorious we ride, we stare into the blackened sky,
Save the last command, the virtue blinding,
So far beyond the sun, still blinded with the fire inside,
Once alone again, silence stands for our last journey home.

Our lives intensified, mutation, frustration,
Ever lasting lifetime in beyond the world,
We'll travel endlessly, they're moving, he's jointed,
One man can understand his sad misery.
They've taken my heart,
They've taken my soul,
And now we stand below in sanity.

In time we'll see the past unwind,
Alive, still wander in a fallen land,
One more time we stare into the blackened sky,
For tonight, in our hearts now we feel,
One last time see our destiny reveal.

[Chorus: x2]

Silence stands for our last journey home.
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