The Fire Still Burns Lyrics

Finally all the world will see.
Rise again before the endless silence.
Burn your soul before we'll all be free.
Light the path beneath the blackened, burning sky!
One final sacrifice, this night belongs to me.
Turn back before the dawn of Winter.
So far away the cries set fallen angels free.
Through my mind tonight our journey ever after.
Never ending solitude this is the life to be.
So cold and dark the voice of sadness.
Suffering in endless pain the truth of all to be,
crawling back to life through ever blinding darkness.

Free falling, fate's warning, find the life to hold on.
Soul stealers, true believers, spies now they are gone!
And as they ride away, forsake the ones who save us,
Winter's dawning on a lost, fallen god.
Pray now, united in a lifetime, hold on.
Won't you wait for the silence so strong. Wait for the dawn.

Tonight! Falling like the rain insanity lives on.
Feel the shattered dreams, one thousand voices crying.
Raging endlessly they come.
Whoa! And the morning light will hide another day's gone by!
And the sun will shine again across the blazing sky!
Glorious, eternally, we'll rise above the world.
Marching onto victory, we fight. The fire still burns!
Looking back our past the lives, their memories to see.
Flick through the passages of silence.
Hidden by the sacrifice to set the demons free,
now they understand, reclaim the land, relentless.
Fear calling, transforming, stand alone in our time.

Abdication, decimation, slay the vision divine!
And all the stars fall around the world tonight.
Silent forces from a past life return.
Pray for the silence in a world so alone
Till we touch the horizon beyond.
Fly through the storm!


The tears in your eyes.
A lifetime of misery.
In silence we stand all alone for the fate of our own destiny.
A lifetime of lies.
One chance at this fantasy.
The judgment will pass for the cries of the world that has faded for me.

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