Tomodachi Big Friend Lyrics

Tomodachi big friend everyday we're
Looking for (our) happiness
(happy happy happy!!!!)
We're the best, we are "THE ONE" everynight
Come on and shake your life
(nara nara na!!!!)

Doki Doki Waku Waku
Dance with me on the floor
Everything will (be) easy if you follow me tonight
Waku Waku Doki Doki
We can (be) happy we can do it
We've got a ticket to the sky
Tomodachi big friend
Shake me shake my hands
Sayo Sayonara (we) will be happy again
Tomodachi big friend
Baby take a chance
Friendship's like a fire
I'm ready to dance
Tomodachi big friend
Funny funny man
Fell me fell me happy when you call my name
Tomodachi big friend
Love is like a game
Sayo Sayonara I'll see you again
Tomodachi big friend everynight time
I wanna be your lucky girl
(lucky lucky lucky!!!!)

Each and everyday I will meet you
Baby come on take my life
(tara tara ta!!!)
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Domino (1996)
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