Sweet Potato Pie Lyrics

It's like this:
I'm that guy, you're so fly,
Gotta get a piece of that sweet potato pie
I'm that guy, you're so fly,
Gotta get a piece of that sweet potato pie
First Verse:

Now the way of today with the homies is straight,
Gettin' f***** up off the dank, CHRONIC,
Bud, What, ever you wanna call it,
It's peace to you f*****' alcoholics, for,
Makin' the proper remedy,
Cuz when I hit it, b****** envy me,
You say you want wine? Yeah I guess that's fine,
But thai is the sky when you talkin' about mass,
Now my thai got a friend named Gin,
Got me all straight now my d*** won't bend,
Now I'm f***** for the rest of the night,
Unless I find a piece of a** whether it's loose or tight,
Now looka here looka here I done found a b****,
Yummy for the d***, Jelly mix in the switch,
Save that s*** cuz I don't wanna be your man,
Just need a little loosin', do you understand?

My mind's f***** up off chocolate thai,
Hit the gin shop now I'm so high,
Now I need a b**** that's proper and fly,
So break me off a piece of that sweet potato pie (2x)

Second Verse:

Thinkin' about what I'm gonna do today,
Party at my homies bout eight,
I thought about goin' to the movies,
But ain't nothin' like a bunch of proper a** hoochies,
Dressed like a player can't wear nothin' less,
Some simple a** s***, even if it ain't Guess,
Hit a couple of shots and now I roll to the spot,
b****** straight peepin' wanna know what I got, well,
One, two, three, Here comes the D,
Pass me the rotor....WHEW WEE!!!!
And now I'm ready for you b******,
So gang a d*** licker, do you get the picture?
And so much love for y'all gals,
And peace, love, and p**** to my m****f***in' pals,
And ay, yai, yai, I'ma stay high,
And keep me a piece of that sweet potato pie

Third Verse:

The fellas wanna have a barbeque tonight, I think it's on about five,
They say it's gonna have plenty dazzey duks, and Les says it's gonna be live,
So I'ma gonna grab me a plate of soup, cuz ain't not a d*** thing changed,
And now I'm proper when fly and s***, but man do I feel strange,
So I'ma go down to the liquor store, and find my friend named Gin,
And go to the girl with the flyest thai, and break her off a proper twin,
And now it's time to make some s***, and look for the proper niece,
And run a little game on the P.Y.G., and tell it to her somethin' like this:

Chorus (2.5x)
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