Time Lyrics

Look at the time, it's after five;
Soon the day is over.
Mr. magic said we'd meet before the rise.
I recall when sixty minutes used to be an hour.
As usual I find myself reading skies.
Never mind, I said to myself.
Many, have these feelings;
They remain on the shelf.
How can I be sure?

Time, oh time, yes, I need more time.
Why do you keep on slipping away?
I hear wind chimes jangle in my mind.
Oh I wish you'd stay.
Sitting around, I hear no sound.
Only the clock is ticking.
Seconds turn to minutes, purely on their own.
When asleep, and all is dark,
I spend my dreaming wishing.
I got a feelin' I'm not all alone.

Got a feelin', yes; I'm reelin'.
I'm tryin', but I'm lying to myself.
When I'm sitting and I'm thinking,
How can I be sure? How can I be sure?

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Supernatural (1998)