Indigo Daisies Lyrics

Sitting in the fields surrounded by daisies,
Was her fate. She loves him,
She loves him not. He loves her
But he forgot. Now it's too late.
She's down to 3 petals,
She hears the whistle from the kettle,
But should she stay.
'Cause running never solves anything,
running changes nothing, you better stay.
But if you're running to another arms,
Running to another charms.
Then go away.

Indigo daisies indigo daisies.
Sitting on the train,
Surrounding by faces she doesn't know
She doesn't have a book to read
The journey takes infinity. She sucks a polo.
She remembers the pavilion
He made her feel a million
Sweeter days.

Indigo daisies indigo daisies.


Indigo daisies [Repeat: x 3]

Running never solves anything, yeah, [Repeat: x 2]

There was a time I was surrounded

By beautiful flowers [Repeat: x 2]

Indigo daisies [Repeat: x 2]
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