Reap What You Sow Lyrics

You lost respect the day you said you missed me
And as I lie awake I know
You're living your life so full of sin
I'm glad that I moved on, my life begins
If there is anything that I have learnt
It's always take it a day at time
Reap what you sow, spread misery
Because no one has got your back
If I could kill, there'd be a name
Full of distaste
You're all the same
I know that you were born to fail - it's such a shame
Reap what you f****** sow
You wish I could turn backthe hands of time
I'd rather break them off
And if I have to carry on this way
Something else will have to be broken
The subtle ways we used to share our time
I used to think what was yours it could be mine
But in the end I see your agenda
You only live for yourself
The life you lead is a lie
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