Blind Sighted Lyrics

it's a crying shame that you missed this oppurtunity
there was something that could have been shared
but you cast it all aside
and now i've changed my prerogative
I used to be so positive
but all I feel inside is disgust and rage
full of shattering disappointmen
I can't belive I let someone like you back in
opened the door and you took away my everything
spilling out of me like an open wound
you cut me right to the f****** bone
this is tha last time I make a mistake
the last time I feel this Ache
the last time for me
this is the end for you
never again will you grace this threshold
I could have carried ou
but the weight was too unbearable
we live our lives but when it does
life start flowing easily?
From one moment of misery to the next
I know every confine but I still return
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