Madd @ Me Lyrics

They mad at me
Check got Os, diamonds in my chain (they mad at me)
Good got Jordan?s, the sun in my Range (they mad at me)
Pass by don't speak to the haters (they mad at me)
House got marble floors and escalators (they mad at me)
Guess they ain't never seen a playa (they mad at me)
My girl in Luis that and Fendi this (they mad at me)
Ain't my fault, smooth
Can't eve ride down the street without somebody screamin
The woman love me and even the fellas be teamin
But see I hate male groupies, so just step the hell off
Look but don't touch as I bail off, handle, wheel, and the clutch
I love what I'm doin here, Support me and stop the hate
If I gave you 50 Gs to shut up you'd be straight
Psych, it won't happen
Look here I ain't just rappin
I make it happen, like a captain, second to none, I'm draftin
Holdin my own, I'm grown and do what I choose to
Ya like the blueberry Bentley
Though I ain't here to amuse you
I got a safe in a place you will prolly never find it
Bein mad at me like bein mad at the game
I designed it

Ay, look at the rims on that car (tire screech)
Uh, dubs rub the cizzurb
Got the drink and izzerb
Floatin thought the city, man I gottz leave the subizzurb
Man, with the TVs and the wood expand, front to back
Plus and that flat flask black max, in the trunk you pump
Never take what I earn
Just made a million plus, we got money to burn
Catch me in the quarter wit the triple arm
Hoppin out G'd up, dangling my DTP charm
Gotta get in and I'm wit it, it's a must
I talk it, you see that gold
If you want it, it's a must
You walk it
Baby blue Benz, old school,
'74 ho next to the blue and grey Rolls
With the blue and grey doles

Yo, national bridge I'm headin to
Uh, O'Fallon mark the spot
On Sunday Buck be heated
'Cause we peep twos that'll make you need to live or treat it
I hustle wit the raps like ounces of crack
Weigh it to my playa, sharp fools play it up
Never let a freak stroll, keep hoes on hold
Just to talk to me, exciting like the Rams Super Bowl
And I put that on goals if I don't blow now
I'ma repo this whole industry and its gon go down
Wassup wit it
See me glow in the dark
Catch me in the Northwest plaza buyin up the large
I paid my dues, don't get mad, just let me ball
When they see lil Howard they gon be like naaaawww

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