Dice Game (skit) Lyrics

uh oh, shoot n****, shoot!
That's a four, that's a four, that's a four
(You know that's where i'm from, represent!)
Here ya go, here ya go!
You're gonna four with a three
n****, put 600 down
Nigaa, show it! b*****
It's all good, it's all good, rock on
Drop it! I got a m****f***in yard
Shoot! Don't talk about it, be about it
Tell em Chingy
Aw s*** n**** quit ridin' my nuts
f***! Here we go, we're gonna do it right herre
We're gonna do it! Here's a seven
Slide it out n****, clide it out n****
Three hoes and a pimp, b*****!
There ya go, seven, d***!
Okay Okay that ain't s***, that ain't s***
n**** cuck that, I gotta thousand right now
I gotta thousand n****
Whatever n****
I gotta roll over your m****f***in a**, baby!
Three hoes and a pimp b****!
I'm gonna hit this four for the block
Come on m****f***er, loser, Chingy gettin b****
Loser, seven OHHHHHHHHH!
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