Whispers Lyrics

If you're there comforth and show yourself
Why let the millions die and burn in hell
Because they cant believe in your so called
Religion repent now and drown yourself.
Im still there remaining unanswered
The prayers spread still stand unheard
I'm now standing and waiting for an answer
If you say he's real then why can't he hear.

Theres something more than what you want it to be
There something more than you said it would be
Take their minds, mend them anyway you please
How can I find comfort in a God that judges me?
Get on your f****** knees
Or burn in Hell.

This is what they teach our children
They listen and worship your god
This is not the way to worship
To consume the minds of our youth.
If he died for your sins, where the f*** is he now?

Where the f*** is he now.
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