Trust Lyrics

As she falls to the feet of a killer
She lies trembling in fear
First she fell to his lies and deception
Now she falls to the ground.
All you know your meanings to existence
All your friends and family gone
Down you fall to nothing
He will show no mercy
Battered and broken.

She screams murder
And now that this is the end scream
Your pathetic life flashes before your eyes
As he drags her.

He brings her to the place
Where he intends on torture
For everything you've caused
You're blamed for his misfortunes
Everytime he hurt, he pictures in your face
You'll never make it through this
Maintaining innocent.
And in his course of action
Fate has placed you here
In hands of certain death
Your pain, your tears
Relieves his disgust
Your pain, your tears
This isn't the end
It's now
Just beginning.
He brings her to terms
Of consequently in his actions,
Leads her to bleed
For nothing more than satisfaction,
And if you notice a moment of weakness
Run if you can, run if you can.

You'll never make it out alive,
She screamed murder.
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