Crying Game Lyrics

Gimme energy
That's what I feel
Oh your blue eyes make it real
love in the rain
like a Crying Game
Gimme Energy
Oh can't you see
that your body's next to mine
Love you in the rain
Like a crying game

Anything I wanna do
Anything - we'll rendevouz
oh love is good and good to me
Love is like a Galaxy
Anything from wrong to right
anything turn into light
Love's good - oh good to me
Love is like fantasy
Oh anything will turn into blue
anything if you're not true
oh loves good oh good to me
Oh love's like a memory
oh anything is fast or slow
anything if you will go
oh loves good oh love to me
love is like a symphony
Oh I'll be there in your heart
in the nihgt and in the dark
Like a crying game
Like a crying game
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